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Purchased from the Oldenburg Elite Auctions as a foal this wonderful mare has consistantly produced outstanding offspring. They included the licensed stallion I.P.S Don Massimo who was the 6 year old Belgium Young Horse Champion in 2011 and who also represent Belgium at the Verden Young Horse Championships. Last year he was awarded the highest score at the Norwegian warmblood stallion licensing and is now competing very successfully on the International circuit under Elise Klaesson. One of her fillies by Dimaggio was awarded State Premium and a second filly by Dimaggio was sold to South Africa where she was awarded the top premium mare award by the South African Warmblood Society.


2017 - Her filly by Stedinger has a very successful year with numerous wins and placings qualifying for the winter Regionals and winning the Petplan semi finals for Novice and elementary

2017 - her filly by Furstenball is the highest scoring horse at the Sheepgate under 25s championships, followed up by numerous wins at Novice level, sitting in first place on the Hickstead masters leader board.

2017 - filly born from Bellisimo M

2014 - filly born from Dante Weltino - Tantoni Lady Weltino

2013 - Another beautiful foal a stunning black filly arrives by multiple world champion Florencio, Tantoni Lafayette - awarded premium at her foal inspection

2012 - Tantoni Little Star produced a stunning filly, Tantoni Lillibet named in honour of Queen Elizabeth in her Diamond Jubilee year,  by the outstanding young stallion Furstenball, she was awarded premium at her foal inspection

2011:Tantoni Little Star gave birth to Tantoni Liebeschön on 5th April

This same year Tantoni Little Star's son, I.P.S Don Massimo (born 2005), was highly successful on the international dressage circuit under Larissa Pauluis winning amongst others the 2011 Belgian Young Horse Championships (for six year olds) at Zilveren, and qualifying for the Young Horse World Championships at Verden.

Further more her 2007 filly by Dimaggio - Little Sue - was awarded State Premium status.

2010: Tantoni Little Star gave birth to Tantoni Santorini on 30th March.

2009: Tantoni Little Star gave birth to La Belle Etoile a beautiful filly by Furst Romancier in March.

2008 Tantoni Little Star gave birth to a filly by Dimaggio in March, the filly was awarded premium status and has been sold to South Africa

2007 Little Star produced a filly by Dimaggio, also awarded premium status, this 2007 foal has been retained

2006 Little Star produced a second foal by Don Larino awarded premium status sold to the Ukraine

2005 Tantoni Little star produced a colt by Don Larino - Don Massimo (see photo) - he was awarded premium status and declared a stallion prospect. DonMassimo was licensed as a stallion at the November 2007 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing. He was promptly acquired by the I.P.S Horse Group of the Netherlands.The I.P.S Horse Group syndicate source top talent for their riders Edward Gal, Peter van Minehoud, Anky van Grunsven, Anne van Uytert, Yvonne Copal, Theo Hanzon and Julie van Olst

2003 a colt by Donnerschwee awarded premium status and declared a stallion prospect sold to the USA

2002 her first foal a colt born in by Carrabas - awarded premium status

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Elite State premium mare Tantoni Little Star 1998 - 2017 RIP

Colour: Bay
Date of Birth: 1998
Breed: Oldenburg
Height: 16.2