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First first for Tantoni Liebeschon

10/02/2017 11:13:41

February 9th Half Moon Stud

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British Dressage young Horse Convention

10/02/2017 11:10:06

January 30th BD Young Horse convention held at MSJ.........

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First to red rosettes of 2017

10/02/2017 11:05:38

Tantoni Lillibet and Gemma Appleton win their first 2 classes

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Tantoni Gallileo - 2015 - 2017

10/02/2017 11:00:50

Beautiful 2 year old colt Tantoni Gallileo put to sleep..........

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2013 babies backed and under the saddle

20/01/2017 18:30:07

First viewing of newly backed 4 year olds

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First outing for Tantoni Liebeschon

20/01/2017 18:19:55

Super result from first affiliated outing

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Another National Champion from Tantoni

20/01/2017 18:02:37

2016 Le Mieux National Dressage Championship..........

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Hickstead CDI

03/10/2016 17:51:16

Tantoni Dallaglio and Tim Heapey Triumph

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Sheepgate Premier League

11/09/2016 16:00:58

Tantoni Fiametta winner of Badminton Young Horse Qualifier for 4 & 5 year olds .........

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Sheepgate Premier League

11/09/2016 15:46:41

Success for Tantoni Fiametta and Gemma Appleton .............

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Surprise filly born

11/09/2016 15:42:03

Tantoni La Belle Etoile has produced an exquisite 'surprise' filly........

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Wellington Premier League

10/09/2016 15:13:21

4 year old Tantoni Fiametta (Fifi) placed in top 6 ..........

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Natalie Allen takes the ride on 4 year old Tantoni Ducati

09/09/2016 16:53:18

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Gorgeous colt by Governor born

09/09/2016 16:47:59

SPS Tantoni Wenecia produces another top foal ................

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Summerhouse Young Horse Classes

09/09/2016 16:42:30

Both Tantoni Lillibet and Tantoni Fiametta competing at Summerhouse ...........

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First foal of 2016 arrives

09/09/2016 16:35:33

May 9 and a stunning For Romance filly is born...........

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First outing for Tantoni Lillibet

09/09/2016 16:31:09

Gemma and Lillibet make their debut outing .............

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Tantoni Scipio sold

09/09/2016 16:26:53

4 year old gelding Tantoni Scipio has been sold .......

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British International Grand Prix rider Gemma Appleton will be joining us at Tantoni,

09/09/2016 16:19:15

We are delighted that Gemma Appleton will be riding 2 of our 4 year olds...........

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Double win for Tantoni Sibelius

09/09/2016 16:14:02

January 20th at Crofton Manor - Tantoni Sibelius wins Elementary

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Tantoni Sir Soccrates moved to a new rider

09/09/2016 16:09:36

On November 1st Tantoni Sir Soccrates moved to Bagley Green Farm..............

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Fairfax Saddles National PSG Championship

07/10/2015 16:36:40

2015 National Prix St George Championship sponsored by Fairfax saddles....

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Tantoni has a National Champion!

21/09/2015 12:21:51

Amazing results at the Le Mieux National Dressage Championships..........

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Tantoni offspring competing in the USA

21/09/2015 12:08:15

Tantoni Furst Count makes his competition debut ..........

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Tantoni Renaissance heads home

16/09/2015 16:01:19

We very excited to announce that we will be breeding from Tantoni Renaissance in 2015

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Three year olds off to school

16/09/2015 15:45:43

Big day for our 3 year old girls time to go to school ......

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HOYS beckons .......

16/09/2015 15:36:45

We are simply delighted British Dressage have invited Alice and Socs to compete at HOYS ......

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Hickstead CDIO

17/07/2015 15:17:25

Tantoni Sir Soccrates and Alice Oppenheimer are on fire .........

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Hartpury CDI

17/07/2015 15:12:09

July 9 -11th Hartpury CDI - The Elite Stallions Young Horse PSG Championship

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First pregnancy of 2015

17/07/2015 14:59:01

June 22nd and the first of our mares is confirmed in foal with heartbeat scan .........

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June 4th and 5th - Wellington Premier League Dressage

17/07/2015 14:23:51

Tantoni Sir Soccrates and Alice Oppenheimer triumph at Wellington Premier League.......

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Victory at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

18/05/2015 12:16:11

Wednesday 13th saw Tantoni Sir Soccrates and Alice Oppenheimer in winning form .......

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Its a colt!

18/05/2015 11:58:59

At last Vb.Pr. mare Tantoni Fortunie has given birth ...........

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British Dressage Winter Championships 2015

29/04/2015 10:13:52

Tantoni Sir Soccrates and Alice Oppenheimer are double champions at the Winters.......

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Family outing for Tantoni Boys

16/04/2015 13:24:29

March 15th Young Horse Qualifier at Hunters ......

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April 12 sees the first foal of 2015

16/04/2015 13:05:08

A very special foal has been born ......

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Total Triumph in week 2 at Vidauban CDI

16/04/2015 12:33:39

Tantoni Sir Soccrates and Alice Oppenheimer smash it at Vidauban......

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Vidauban CDI 2015

25/03/2015 12:11:00

They've done it again!

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Week one Vidauban CDI

25/03/2015 11:39:00

Tantoni Sir Soccrates's wins first international competition......

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British Dressage Regional Championships

25/03/2015 11:28:00

Merrist Wood Winter Regional Championship

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Nupafeed Winter Regional Championship

25/03/2015 11:22:59

Nupafeed Winter Regional Championship on February 23rd ..........

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Festival of Dressage Vidauban 2015

16/02/2015 16:01:59

Festival of Dressage Vidauban 2015 and GB beckons ....

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Day 2 Addington Premier League

13/02/2015 16:03:18

The second day of Addington and 2nd PSG test .......

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PSG at Addington Premier League

13/02/2015 15:54:32

January 2015 First outing at PSG .............

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Fabulous Sundancer sold

13/02/2015 15:25:46

December sees the world class 5 year old Sundancer ...............

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Tantoni Sibelius sold

09/02/2015 16:20:25

4 year old Tantoni Sibelius goes to a fabulous new home .........

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Zaubermond , 3 year old gelding by Blue Hors Zack

09/02/2015 16:14:32

Zaubermond, 3 year old son of St.Pr Tantoni Kohlmeise purchased by GB rider ...

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Premium award for offspring of St.Pr.Tantoni Kohlmeise

09/02/2015 16:05:15

Vb.Pr Karamia, first born foal from St.Pr. Tantoni Kohlmeise ........

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5 mares confirmed in foal

09/02/2015 15:27:21

October see 5 mares confirmed in foal.

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British Dressage National Championships

09/02/2015 14:18:58

a very successful weekend at Le Mieux National Dressage Championships .......

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3 year old mares now under the saddle

09/02/2015 13:48:08

September sees our two 3 year old mare start work .....

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Delux Summer Regional Championships

11/09/2014 12:31:23

They did it! A clean sweep at Sparsholt Open Regional Championships ...................

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Shearwater Young Horse Championships

11/09/2014 12:21:08

Delighted with today's results ............

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2015 foals due

11/09/2014 12:16:44

11th July - we are getting there with the stud work .............

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Special foal due 2015

11/09/2014 12:14:17

We are over the moon - a very special foal is due next year ................

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Sparsholt affilliated dressage

11/09/2014 12:10:27

Mediumm and Advanced Medium at Sparsholt

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Sheepgate Premier League

11/09/2014 12:05:48

Super results from Sheepgate Premium League ..........

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Regional Championships

11/09/2014 11:58:38

16.06.14 today confirmation received from British Dressage..........

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Sezuan filly sold

05/09/2014 16:04:03

Tantoni Rocceletta has been sold ..............

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Sezuan baby number 2

05/09/2014 15:56:24

1.06.14 The last foal of the season has arrived...............

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Summerhouse Young Horse qualifier

28/05/2014 17:04:49

23.05.14 Tantoni Sibelius wins qualifier ............

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Avanced Medium Freestyle

28/05/2014 17:00:33

14.05.14 Tantoni Sir Soccrates has his first attempt at Avanced Medium Freestyle.............

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Advanced Medium Wellington

28/05/2014 16:47:46

12.05.14, Tantoni Sir Soccrates Advanced Medium at Wellington

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First Sezuan foal

28/05/2014 16:37:44

10.05.14 the first of our Sezuan foals arrives.................

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Young Horse Qualifier

28/05/2014 16:29:00

30.04.14 Tantoni Sibelius does first Young Horse class.............

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24.04.14 First filly of 2014...............

28/05/2014 16:20:15

24.04.14 First filly of 2014 arrives............

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Dressage at BCA

07/04/2014 18:46:45

Socs takes first place ...........

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First Advanced Medium

07/04/2014 18:42:54

March 29th dressage at Pachesham.........

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First foal arrives

07/04/2014 18:34:25

Monday March 24th saw our first 2014 foal arrive..........

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First pregnancy of 2014

07/04/2014 18:15:34

March 19th Homebred mare becomes broodmare.........

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First place in the Medium 73SQ

07/04/2014 18:08:42

March 15th Dressage at Pachesham .......

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Tantoni Sir Soccrates at Quob

07/04/2014 18:05:09

March 12 Medium Freestyle to music .............

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Regional Championships Kingston Maurward

07/04/2014 17:53:59

18th February Regional Championship at Kingston Maurward............

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Regional Championships Kingston Maurward .........

07/04/2014 15:42:18

17th Feburary - Freestyle to Music Regional Championships at Kingston Maurward ......

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First outing for Tantoni Santorini

17/02/2014 12:11:24

The weekend of February 8/9 saw 4 year old Tantoni Santorini in his first competition...........

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British Breeding arrives in the USA .......

06/02/2014 13:15:52

Tantoni Fabio, Floriscount offspring arrives in USA .........

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2013 highlights

31/12/2013 18:09:25

2013 has been such an incredible year ...........

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State Premium mare Fleur S

19/11/2013 12:26:03

SPS Fleur S, 2005 filly from El/St.Pr.mare Tantoni Rien ne va Plus.............

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Horse Hero featuresTantoni Sibelius

19/11/2013 12:08:31

November sees Horse Hero featue 3 year old Tantoni Sibelius

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19/11/2013 11:12:15

Our 4 year old mare Tantoni Senorita has been sold.............

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National Dressage Championships Stoneleigh

03/10/2013 12:32:39

Tantoni Youngster Highest placed British bred horse in the Preliminary Championship ..................

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Oldenburg foal inspections 2013

03/10/2013 12:03:00

Premium awards across the board ............

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Petplan Equine Area Festival Wellington

03/10/2013 11:48:22

Tantoni Sir Soccrates's Wins his First Freestyle to music.........................

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International Dressage Championships Hickstead

25/09/2013 15:27:12

Reserve Champion Tantoni Sir Soccrates

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Dressage at Hickstead CDI Championships

25/09/2013 15:24:03

Multiple placings at Hickstead.............

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Regional Championships Keysoe

25/09/2013 15:18:13

July 27th sees the Regional Championships at Keysoe..........

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Medium at Merrist Wood

25/09/2013 15:14:29

20th July Medium 73 at Merrist Wood..........

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Diamond Hit foal due 2014

25/09/2013 15:07:26

19th July mare number 5 in foal

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2014 Shearwater Young Horse Championships

25/09/2013 14:57:10

8th July 2014 Shearwater Young Horse Championships.............

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2 Sezuan foals due in 2014

25/09/2013 14:41:05

27th June two mares now confirmed in foal to Sezuan.............

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Regionals here we come

26/06/2013 17:52:55

Tantoni Sir Soccrates wins at Crofton Manor ............

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Foal number 2 arrives

17/06/2013 13:07:06

Sunday 26th May sees the arrival of our second and final foal of 2013 .........

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First foal of 2013 born

29/04/2013 14:26:01

Sunday 21st April saw the birth of our first foal for 2013 ......

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Top marks for Sir Soccrates

07/04/2013 15:45:26

Tantoni Sir Soccartes and Alice Oppenheimer did their first young horse class together on at Windmill Farm 13th March 2013.....

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Tantoni Beau Bretton Sold

10/03/2013 13:58:43

Tantoni Beau Bretton has been sold to Denmark

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Tantoni Sir Soccrates returns

21/01/2013 15:44:19

Tantoni Sir Soccrates has returned to the UK

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Oldenburg October Elite Auction

13/10/2012 16:04:12

Oldenburg October Elite Auction sees first foal from our Elite State Premium Tantoni Rien ne va Plus

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Tantoni White Mischief moves to Cheshire

26/08/2012 11:15:23

Up and coming young dressage rider Rebecca Hulme

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Tantoni Sir Soccrates 5 year old International Champion

02/07/2012 17:01:56

1.07.12 at the CDI International 5 year old Championships Tantoni Sir Soccrates

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Tantoni White Mischief in top 3 at Oldencraig

02/07/2012 16:57:22

1.07.12 at the Oldencraig Potential International Dressage Horse Qualifier Alice and Mischief

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Tantoni White Mischief in top 4 at Wellington

21/06/2012 11:25:07

12.06.12 At the Wellington Potential International Dressage Horse qualifier Alice and Mischief

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Tantoni Sir Soccrates and Dominique qualify for Haven YH Finals in December

10/06/2012 18:24:06

On Saturday 9th June Tantoni Sir Soccrates and Dominique Tardin at Haven Cup FEI 5 yr old qualifyer

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2nd mare in foal for 2013

10/06/2012 16:41:49

6th June Really delighted, St.Pr.A Wenecia was confirmed in foal

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Beautiful Bretton Woods colt born

10/06/2012 16:34:17

6th June in the early hours St.Pr.St. Riena Negra gave birth

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Tantoni White Mischief qualifies for Shearwater

10/06/2012 16:29:13

5th June Tantoni White Mischief qualified for the Shearwater Young Horse Championships

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Tantoni Sir Soccrates and Dominique Tardin competing in Belgium

10/06/2012 16:20:34

Dominique and Tantoni Sir Soccrates have their first taste of competition together

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First mare in foal for 2013

10/06/2012 16:08:40

El.St.Pr. Tantoni Little Star confirmed in foal for 2013

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It's another filly!

10/06/2012 16:03:31

Born on 23rd May a beautiful filly

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First colt born

10/06/2012 15:59:02

May 7th our first colt was born

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Tantoni White Mischief's first Young Horse competition

10/06/2012 15:55:37

Mischief did her first Young Horse competition on 7th May...

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Our first foal of 2012 has arrived!!

07/05/2012 16:14:45

A stunningly beautiful filly by..

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Wonderful new mare

01/04/2012 19:18:17

We are thrilled to have a new broodmare joining us at Tantoni ......

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Facebook Page Updated

04/03/2012 18:31:56

Please visit and like our facebook page, for regular updates, photos and news! Newly converted to timeline...

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Fabulous new partnership ....

05/11/2011 17:09:46

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Tantoni Sir Soccrates placed in top 5

31/07/2011 14:49:42

At the Badminton Moloh Young Dressage Horse Championships 2011

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Tantoni Sir Soccrates is triumphant

03/07/2011 18:47:11

Sir Soccrates has his first outings as a 4 year old

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Our final foal of 2011

03/07/2011 18:34:18

Our final foal of 2011 has arrived

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A sad day here at Tantoni

03/07/2011 18:29:00

Today we had to say goodbye...

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I.P.S Don Massimo - strong contender for world championship selection

30/05/2011 14:59:12

Tantoni Little Star's 2005 foal Don Massimo.

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Breitstar W Triumphs

30/05/2011 14:33:30

5 year old Breitstar W wins...

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Totilas foal born

02/05/2011 11:21:20

On 1st May 2011 St.Pr. Riena Negra gave...

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Finally after 12 months

01/05/2011 16:55:29

After 12 months Vb.Pr Fortunie gave...

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A colt is born

13/04/2011 16:53:23

9th April at 9.45pm St.Pr.A Tantoni Wenecia produced

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First foal of 2011 born

13/04/2011 16:44:56

9th April at 5.05am Tantoni El. St. Pr. Little Star gave..

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St. Pr. Riena Negra in foal to TOTILAS

06/02/2011 18:20:14

We are thrilled to have a...

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Tantoni Sir Soccrates returns to the UK

16/01/2011 15:43:00

Sir Soccrates returned to the UK in December 2010 where...

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Tantoni Fabio

23/09/2010 10:42:26

Sold to Ilse Schwarz Dressage, USA

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Tantoni Santorini

23/09/2010 10:24:36

Sold to U.K

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01/08/2010 18:41:51

Tantoni Lady Marion

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14th July 2010

01/08/2010 18:33:12

Tantoni Fabio makes Premium

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Tantoni Sir Socrates triumphs in Germany

06/07/2010 12:59:45

Over the weekend 3/4 July Tantoni Sir Soccrates did his first young horse classes in Germany

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Third and final foal of 2010 born in Germany

06/07/2010 12:49:48

13.05.10 Tantoni Fabio born

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2nd foal of 2010 born

06/07/2010 12:41:05

30.03.10 Tantoni Santorini born

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First foal of 2010 born

06/07/2010 12:26:29

02.03.10 Tantoni Sibelius born

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Tantoni Sir Soccrates declared 2009 Supreme Champion

05/11/2009 16:53:24

Breaking News - We are delighted to announce that our young stallion TANTONI SIR SOCCRATES by Sir Donnerhall, out of our State Premium Mare Wenecia was declared the 2009 Supreme Champion of the British Warmbloods Stallion Licensing

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Royal Lady gives birth

28/05/2009 16:51:20

At 8:30 this morning Royal Lady gave birth to a beautiful bay filly by Scolari.

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Tantoni Sigesmund selected for the Elite Vechta Summer Sale auction

23/04/2009 16:49:53

Tantoni Sigesmund was shown at the foal inspection, Mr Uwe Heckmann himself was judging along with three other judges.

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19th April 2009

19/04/2009 16:47:44

At 1am on Saturday 19th April State Premium Mare Wenecia

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Tantoni Rien Ne Va Plus gives birth

16/03/2009 16:46:16

Between 5 and 6 o'clock Elite State Premium Mare Tantoni Rien Ne Va Plus gave birth to a very beautiful colt by Sieger Hit (2007 Oldenburg Licensing Champion).

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Tantoni White Mischief awarded Premium Foal status

19/10/2008 16:39:03

We are pleased to announce that our foal Tantoni White Mischief has been awarded Premium Foal status by the Oldenburg Society

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Tantoni Royal Lady gives birth

19/05/2008 16:37:12

At 3.45am this morning Tantoni Royal Lady gave birth to beautiful, long legged, black filly foal to world champion, federal champion, national champion, French Kiss,

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Tantoni Wenicia gives birth to Tantoni White Mischief

23/04/2008 16:32:42

At 1.30 this morning Tantoni State Premium Mare Wenicia gave birth to a beautiful filly - Tantoni White Mischief.

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Tantoni Little Magica and Tantoni Reva awarded Premium Foal status

22/04/2008 16:29:24

The Oldeburg Society awarded month old Tantoni Little Magica and seven week old Tantoni Reva the coverted status of Premium Foal along with the silver medal.

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Tantoni Lady Marion placed in the Blue Chip Equinox Championships

09/04/2008 16:25:51

Tantoni Lady Marion - was ridden by Targa Hammond in the Blue Chip Equinox Championships.

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Tantoni Little Star gives birth

27/03/2008 16:21:44

Our Elite State Premium Mare Tantoni Little Star gave birth to a stunning bay filly by Dimaggio, Little Magica.

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First first for Tantoni Liebeschon

February 9th Half Moon Stud

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